The perfect ‘All Rounder’

What makes alpaca fibre so special is its unique combination of characteristics. It would not win a competition for being the warmest or the strongest or the softest fibre.  However alpaca scores highly in these areas as well as having other excellent qualities

Keeping you warm

Wearing an alpaca  garment will definitely keep you warm when it is cold outside. According to Wild Hair Alpacas it is three time warmer than sheep’s wool

Makes for long life garments

Alpaca is more durable than many other (wool) fibres. It is strong despite being soft due to the fibre texture, the small scales on the outside of the fibre prevent  garments from pilling.

Wonderfully soft

Its those scales again! The difference between the alpaca fibre and other wool fibres is that the scales do not protrude as much with alpaca.  The more the scales protrude the more likely you are to  feel itchy

Great at Wicking Away

The scaly structure of the fibre with low protrusion of the scales can wick away moisture. Great for outdoor activities it is breathable and water resistant

What’s not to like?  Alpaca is my favourite! 

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