Cashmere from India

We bring you a collection of luxurious wraps and scarves which were hand picked by us during our last visit to India in 2018.  The collection comprises a range of products to suit all tastes including handloom woven ‘one offs’ from Kashmir, exquisite western style high quality wraps from Delhi and machine made products from several cities  –  all in 100% Cashmere.

Cashmere. One of the rarest and most luxurious fibres in the world. This exceptionally silky material is said to be three times as warm as wool and is known to be long-lasting.

Each time we made a selection we asked where the raw material came from.  The answer was always the same – Kashmir. We also asked  “are the goats well treated and are the producers paid a fair price”.  The answer was always yes.  If we felt trust in the seller we bought and if not we did not purchase.  Next time (will there be a next time?) we will insist on proof as since our return we have found out so much more about cashmere and it sustainability as a luxury fibre.  One of the suppliers, Ali, invited us to his home in Kashmir (we have his address) and if it had not been for the coronavirus outbreak we would have taken him up on his offer.


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