Merino Tassel Wraps – there is one for everyone 

You will love this delightful range of luxury merino Tassel Wraps (poncho style) in a range of colours to suit all tastes and occasions.

Our Merino Tassel Wraps will keeping you toasty warm on numerous occasions. On the beach when the sun goes down. Elegant enough for an evening function when a jacket or cardigan just wont do! They make versatile travelling companions too. Our Tassel Wraps can also be very useful for those of you who are breast feeding your baby giving you the privacy you need.

Brought to you by a small group of craftswoman from Dorset these Tassel Wraps in ultra-fine merino wool are the epitome of useful and beautiful wearable art.

Treat your self or a close friend to one or more,  it is unlikely that you will find two wraps that are the identical as we vary the tassels added from wrap to wrap

Choose from our current stock or give us a call to talk about a particular colour that you might like. Bespoke orders can take up to 4 weeks.

Entulisso will be bringing you even more delightful colours of these gorgeous Tassel Wraps as the seasons unfold.

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