Merino Wool Wraps (or large Scarves to some) 

Please take a look at this this wonderful range of unique luxury merino classic and wide wraps in two, three or more colours.

Apart from swirling around your body in many different ways (please see our models pictures), our wraps have other uses. Approximately 2 metres long they can also double up as a
Privacy screen while breast feeding your baby (wider ones are best for this)
Throw for the bed, sofa or a favourite chair
Blanket to keep you warm after the sun goes down at a special event
Pram blanket for your baby or toddler.

Brought to you by a small group of craftswoman from Dorset these wraps are the epitome of useful and beautiful wearable art.

Treat your self to more than one and you will find that no two wraps are the same. All have different combinations of  patterns and colours.  If you see a ‘Multi’ make it yours quickly as not many are produced. They are rare because it takes greater skill  to work with a large numbers of colours simultaneously.

Choose from our current stock or give us a call to talk about a personalised colour combination. Bespoke orders can take up to 4 weeks.

Entulisso will be bringing you more delightful examples of these gorgeous wraps as the seasons unfold.

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