Ashford Tekapo is 100% pure wool, the yarn is spun from a blend of Corriedale and Perendale fleece in south island of New Zealand. The blend is strong making it ideal for weaving, as well as being soft and lofty.

The wool is collected from sheep farms throughout  New Zealand and spun in a small boutique mill in Hawkes Bay.

The yarn is named after the beautiful Lake Tekapo, where in  1857 one of the first sheep stations in New Zealand was established on its shore.   When the water in the lake is lake is low the remains of the old Tekapo Station homestead can be seen on the eastern shores. The lake, surrounded by snow capped Southern Alps and glaciers is famous for its bright turquoise colour caused by suspended glacial dust.

The practise of mulesing is not carried out in the production of this yarn

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