Everyone needs at least one wrap

Everyone needs at least one wrap

A Warm Welcome to Entulisso

We bring you rare and unusual Scarves, Wraps, Shawls and Poncho style Wraps initially in luxury ultra fine merino wool and cashmere .

Call them what you will, they are items of luxury clothing designed with passion to make you feel special from the moment of first wearing.

Entulisso is launching with a range of wraps that have been created from luxury ultra-fine merino wool.

Everyone needs at least one wrap

There can be no doubt. Who does not own a wrap or scarf? If you haven’t got one then you are surely missing out.

I have upwards of 500. Excessive? Of course not! They bring such joy. My personal collection speaks of a lifetime of pleasure derived from admiring, acquiring and wearing them. No two are alike.

No other item of clothing can bring about such an immediate positive change to your sense of well-being. Treat your self to one today.

A few of our favourites

A luxurious wrap is the ace of all accessories, turning an average outfit into one that is very special. If you are in the least bit sceptical, I would like to entice you to purchase just one of our wraps.