Cashmere with Silk –

Cashmere with Silk wraps are oh so delightful.  Available in many colours and designs it very hard for us to to decide which ones to bring to you.  On our last visit to India we travelled from Delhi in the north to Madurai in the south and enjoyed seeing so many wonderful designs.  The results of our ‘labours’ are here to see.

The difference between Cashmere with Silk and pure Cashmere is the lustre.  With that bit of extra weight these wraps drape well and together with their lovely sheen they are ideal for evening events.

They make gifts that will be highly appreciated. I am sure that you can think of someone that would love a wrap like this.  Be quick as we only have one of each design and wont be travelling to India any time soon!

The cashmere: silk ratios vary within this range.  They are either 70:30 or 80:20.  This will be indicated for each scarf

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